An Update.


Hi. I have been slacking in the scanning and posting of my drawings. I have been drawing, but I do need to play catch up. I could just post some of the plethora of my old sketches and be done with it, but that’s weak.

Scanning just takes so long, and I don’t have a dedicated setup any longer and now my desktop no longer recognizes my 10 year old scanner and my laptop is using various trial versions of Photoshop. At least the language is no longer stuck on Danske. Dansk? I learned a few words like “Gem” and “Annular” and “Gem ikke”.

This entry will be kinda pointless after I post the missing days, but to all 1 of my readers (Hi Katie!) this is for you. Speaking of which, I should tell people about my awkward corner of the Internet.

Goodnight, I’m going to fall to sleep listening to morose music and pretend I’m a tortured, but compelling alcoholic. I am none of those things, in case you were wondering.

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