You are the hero.

You are wanted. Needed.

You are the center of adoration, ridicule, passion.

You provoke thought, jealousy, change.

Most importantly:

You are in control.

You can see the awe in their eyes and their hearts.

It must be true.



The world falls away

The director has called, “Cut!”

The side characters take a break.

Blinkered confusion sets in

But only a moment before

The dreadful clarity.

You get off the train.



The director has just received a new script.



My resolutions for the year:

  • Say “no” when it makes sense.
  • Don’t apologize unless at fault.
  • Don’t feel guilt/shame for things beyond your control.
  • Create.
  • Be more decisive.
  • Unless you are creating, get off the computer.
  • Less introspection, more doing.
  • Waste more paper.
  • Make mistakes.
  • Consume less.

I wont finish all of these by the end of the year, but if I work on most of them and maintain, I will be a better person than I am now.


Yeah, at least set up to do better things.