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I'm John, and I'm a (mostly front-end) developer, designer from NYC, now living large in Austin, Texas. Technically I could be called full stack as I have experience with every level, but my true love is the front end. I started mainly on the design end of frontend, mainly working with css/jquery. Then I got more technical with simple Backbone and LESS single page apps. Then I got a great deal more complex with Angular and SASS, but still focused on design, building out a styling framework along with working on core components. Currently I'm working on all apsects, from interaction with APIs and state management with Redux.js to routing to digesting and processing data.

If you're interested in hiring me, just Contact me and I'll get back to you.

Also, if you were to inspect this page you would see I built this originally in 2013 (3 years ago by this writing). If I were to have built this now, it would be in React, if I were to have built this a year ago, it would be an Angular app, if I had built this 2 years ago, it would be a Backbone app.

Technical Skills

Primary Skills: These are the skills I use very often


6 years I started learning it over 6 years ago, and now it's my favorite language, for all it's flaws.

Modern JavaScript

3 years This deserves it's own section. With Babel, webpack, jspm, npm, grunt, gulp, coffeescript and so much more, the JS ecoystem is incredibly excited at the moment


1 year This is the most recent addition to my knowledge and I just love it, combined with ES2015+ and Babel, I don't think I can ever go back.


2 years I've used this for a few jobs and side projects, I haven't played around with Angular 2, but I am proficient


1 year First JS framework


15+ years I learned HTML in the sixth grade to make Dragon Ball Z fansites, then I moved on to Lord of the Rings fansites. I've used it pretty consistently since.


15+ years I've used CSS just as long as HTML, as they go hand in hand. I've kept up to date as browsers are adapting more current standards of CSS3.


3 year I can't go back to writing vanilla CSS, LESS/SASS is a blessing


10 years I started learning how to use Wordpress in mid 2006, then I used to start a webcomic which became this: Wayward Robot. It's pending a rewrite initially started in Angular.


10 years Having worked with Wordpress and having learned C++ in college, PHP was a natural choice for server side scripting. Where I only have a passing familiarity with ASP.NET Python, etc.


8 years I learned MySQL in college, around the same time I was working with Wordpress, and in 2009, I created an e-commerce database for my brother's site (as well as the everything else), which I designed and made: Pandarunner

JS Frameworks

5 years Most experience with Angular, but I'm deeply enamored with Angular. I've had brief experience with Backbone/Chaplin and played around with a few others


3 years I will never, ever go back to developing without git.


6 years This was responsible for my foray into Javascript, at first doing simple animations only, then later to ajax driven websites. And later as the basis of Backbone. I still prefer it to CSS3 animations.


12 years I've used Photoshop for years at first to make comics, since version 7 ( then there was a brief time where I used GIMP when we were a Linux-only household) and started again with CS3. I still draw with it now, but in addition, I take design comps and turn them into working websites

Secondary Skills: These are skills I've learned but don't always use regularly


<1 year I've built a few animations in high school with this, but I haven't done much else with it, and If I were to start animating again, Canvas and JS would be my tools of choice.


2 years I use this time to time, but for most of my needs, Photoshop works fine.

Cisco IOS

<1 year Only got to beginner level with this setting up a business class router for a company of 30+.


2 years Learned it in college, used it for one job finding genome sequences.

Shell Scripting

6 years This will always useful to do small things here and there.

Social Media APIs

2 years Most clients want a "Like this" button for every social media site under the sun, designed according to their specs, which can get tricky if the page is loaded asynchrounsly. Experience with Facebook, Google, Google Maps, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.


<1 year Learned in college, haven't needed or wanted to use it since.


4 years C++ (and sometimes C) were the lingua franca of my school's Computer Science Department.


<1 year Learned in College.


8 years Used for mathamatics papers in college and high school. Similar in spirit to CSS/HTML.

Apache / nginx

5 years Not my strongest suit, set up LAMP/MAMP servers, comfortable editing .htaccess, vhosts. My experience with nginx is more limited


Primary Experience These are the jobs that I feel offered the most relevant experience to my career:

Front End Developer Curb, Inc. Aug 2015 - Present Quickly picked up React.js and focused on improving code and design quality across multiple apps. Enhanced graphing and reduced loads of technical debt while adding new features.

Curb, Inc.
Front End Developer Imagine Easy Solutions Jul 2013 - Aug 2015 Greatly expanded my skills here and learned modern development practices, like Angular.js, Github, Backbone.js, Vagrant, Grunt/Gulp, Bower, Composer, LESS/SASS, CoffeeScript and more...

(Freelance) Front End Developer Bluestream Health May 2015 - Nov 2015 Sole front end developer, built entire frontend of a translation oriented healthcare app. Handled primary design decisions for UX, worked from limited wireframes and design assets.

Bluestream Health
(Freelance) Web Developer Dec 2013 - Feb 2014 Developed from the ground up, fully responsive (60% of the traffic is from mobile) with limited design resources. Created highly customized Wordpress magazine template.

Web Developer Plenty NYC Oct 2011 - Jul 2013 Extremely fast paced job at a design/development agency. I was able to deliver pixel-perfect designs based on designer requirements. Exciting job where was able to push the boundaries of interactive design while maintaining backwards compatibility with older browsers (IE6)
Web Designer / Developer Freelance Feb 2011 - Oct 2011 Built/maintained/designed websites, a Jack-of-all-trades developer/designer.
Tech Support / Web Developer Urban Galactic Sep 2010 - Feb 2011 I designed/developed websites for various clients as well as taking care of IT infrastructure at various companies ranging from a couple of people to 30+.
Web Designer / Developer Sep 2009 - Jan 2010 I designed and implemented the layout of this Wordpress blog.

The Bacharach Blog
Web Designer / Developer Jan 2009 - Feb 2009 I made the backend of the online store. I also designed the site from ground up. I designed the logo and brand as well.
Bioinformatics Research Assistant CUNY Research Jun 2008 - Aug 2008 Used Perl along with shell scripts for automation to compare fungal genomes and analyze the output for a research project.
IT Intern Swiss American Securities, Inc. Jun 2007 - Aug 2007 IT Lackey, did all the grunt work such as setting up workstations, changing out hardware on workstations/servers.

Secondary Experience These didn't have to do with product development, but were still important to my personal progress:

Staff Graphic Designer Envoy, Hunter College Newspaper Sep 2009 - Mar 2010 Designed and drew 2-4 comics every month for my College newspaper's columns.
Vice President Hunter Japanese Media Club 2007 - 2010 Helped organize events and screen Japanese movies/tv shows and other media.
Central Reservations Aid Hunter College 2006 - 2011 Was an usher and ticket taker at various times.
MPRE Test Proctor ACT 2005 - 2011 Once or twice a year, I would proctor the MPRE exam.
Intern FSI Architecture / Murray Engineering Oct 2004 - Jun 2005 Did mostly interning work, my first job.

Side projects

Applicable experience in my free time

Pixelburst Summer 2012 An experiment to see if I could make a game. It remains unfinished, I'm not sure where to take it next. Uses jQuery/HTML5's <canvas> tag.

Gameboy - Tetris Spring 2012 Another unfinished project. What's intereseting is that it's not done with the <canvas> tag. Just using <div>'s and jQuery.

Wayward Robot Nov 2007 - Mar 2011 My webcomic that I updated for a few years until I stopped, I still draw, but I haven't put anything up there in awhile.

Wayward Robot



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Hunter College Bachelor of Arts
Major in Computer Science
Minor in Mathematics
Aug 2006 - May 2010
Peter F. Vallone Scholarship